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50 years of ‘Do Boond Pani’ showing the tableau of Rajasthan before Indira Canal



50 years of 'Do Boond Pani' showing the tableau of Rajasthan before Indira Canal World Daily News24 - English

50 years of 'Do Boond Pani' showing the tableau of Rajasthan before Indira Canal World Daily News24 - English

The lion of Kaiser-ul-Jafri is- ‘How many days you will be thirsty friends, if you think / even the strand of Shabnam, which seems like a river.‘Once upon a time it was the desert areas of Rajasthan truth was. People living in these areas also felt ‘shabnam ka katra’ (dew drop). This was the era when Indira Canal did not reach Rajasthan with water from Punjab.. Desert areas struggled with famine due to less rain. People had to wander miles away for water. The milk was myss, the water was like a deer.. Karunik of these areas of Rajasthan Circumstances But writer-filmmaker Khwaja Ahmad Abbas made ‘Do Boond Pani Movie’ in 1971.. 50 of the film’s performances in 2021 The year Doing it.

Weak on the story front
Although the film won the National Award Successful Did not win the heart of the audience. That was the stormy phase of Rajesh Khanna. 25 to 50 of his films in theaters Week Lived till. ‘Do Boond Pani’ Ek featuring artists like Jalal Agha, Simi Garewal, Kiran Kumar (this was his first film) and Madhu Chhanda Week Departed from theaters later. This film directed by good intentions, on the story-front Weak was. Khwaja Ahmad Abbas often failed to present his stories on screen. Most of his films seem to be swinging between fiction and documentary.. That is, neither a complete story-picture, nor a documentary. Like ‘Shahar Aur Sapna’, ‘Bombay Raat Ki Armen’, ‘Saat Hindustani’ ‘Do Boond Pani’ is a similar hung film.

Sheerin-Farhad and Rani Padmini episodes
Progressive writers such as Khwaja Ahmad Abbas have spoken of the themes of Sheerin-Farhad and Rani Padmini in ‘Do Boond Pani’ as well as ‘Thun Pi-Thun Pi’ (boyfriend-girlfriend drinking water before getting each other) Taking the help of fictitious stories like). The hero of the film, like Farhad, breaking the sand mountain and reaching the canal village, was also very artificial..

Jaidev’s music is the only illuminating aspect
The only illuminating aspect of ‘Do Boond Pani’ is Jaidev’s captivating music. Two songs based on Rajasthani folk tunes are extremely sweet – ‘Ja Ri Pawaniya Piya Ke Des Ja’ (Asha Bhosle) and ‘Brass Ki Mori Gagari’ (Parveen Sultana, Meenu Purushottam). Both were written by Kaifi Azmi. At the end of a song, he writes, “Sun-sun-sun-wind, when the gagging is immersed in water, we will see each time in the water.Such succulent vocabulary and analogies have now evaporated in film songs..