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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai: Saumya Tandon reacts to Neha Pendse’s entry



Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai: Saumya Tandon reacts to Neha Pendse's entry World Daily News24 - English

Mumbai : ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai (Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai)’ is the most popular TV serial that always tickles people on TV. Of entertainment The issues The serial has always won viewers’ hearts. But for the last several months, the favorite of the audience ‘Anita Bhabhi’ i.e. Saumya Tandon has said goodbye to the show.. After months, now Soumya place Neha Pendse is taking. this The issues But Saumya Tandon has given her opinion.

In the show of Neha Pendse, the old ‘Gori Mem’ i.e. Saumya Tandon has expressed happiness about the entry.. Special from Bombay Times Talk During he spoke That i this news Glad to hear. Neha Is Role Is a good choice for. They spoke That I accompanied him to non-fiction shows Work Have done. He is talented and professional. me believe Is that he Role Will judge with. Saumya spoke That I Role Gave your sweat, blood and heart for. I’m glad she is going to take it forward now.

Asked how challenging it is to replace an artist in a show. Its answer In they spoke That I think Indian television viewers are now accepting a new artist when this happens. Saumya spoke That there are many examples where viewers Change accepted.

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However, Soumya admitted that in comedy shows someone from other genres Reverse To change more is challenging. They spoke That I exit the show on a good note. They spoke That it’s completely my own Decision Was. The actress Further spoke That Neha is a great actress and I believe That the audience will accept them wholeheartedly.

Asked if Soumya ever thought that her place Who might be the best choice to take? on this The actress Smiling said – no, I did not! Leave us, those streets spoke That makers very much Are smart and know who to cast. With this only one man Of Decision Is not. Channels, directors and producers collectively cast a show The last Gives shape.

COVID-19 During the time where people on one side Work Straggling for. This time of Saumya Tandon there Decision People were a bit shocked. For your information let’s go That Saumya Tandon like this, even before Bhabhi Ji in TV show Work Have done. She has also appeared in ‘Jab We Met’ opposite Kareena Kapoor.. But he got the real star fame only from ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’.