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Drugs case: NCB summons Arjun Rampal’s sister, will be questioned today



Drugs case: NCB summons Arjun Rampal's sister, will be questioned today World Daily News24 - English

Mumbai : Bollywood drugs connection The issues (Bollywood drugs connection case) of NCB The investigation The scope of. Bollywood The actor After interrogating Arjun Rampal, the NCB has now The issues In The actor Has sent summons to Arjun Rampal sister. On Tuesday, January 5, NCB has sent summons to Arjun Rampal, today he will be questioned.

Actually, the NCB had recovered some banned drugs from Arjun Rampal’s house in the past, on which Rampal had told his sister’s medicines.. He also showed a prescription of medicines to NCB, which was fake.. The same The issues He is called to interrogate Arjun Rampal’s sister. Today at 11 o’clock NCB is The issues Will inquire on.

In raids The investigation Officers All such medicines which were received from Arjun’s house are banned and under the NDPS Act Within Come. this The issues I have also questioned NCB Arjun Rampal. Arjun Rampal was summoned by the NCB on December 16 for questioning but on December 22 Time Sought agency. But on 21 December, Arjun Rampal appeared before NCB. this The issues Arjun Rampal’s girlfriend Gabriella has been questioned.

For your information let’s go First of all Media India By Rampal false Had disclosed and that doctor of Delhi The interview Shown from where Rampal had made the prescription of those medicines in his sister’s name.