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NCB sends summons to Arjun Rampal’s sister in drugs case, drugs seized



NCB sends summons to Arjun Rampal's sister in drugs case, drugs seized World Daily News24 - English

NCB sends summons to Arjun Rampal's sister in drugs case, drugs seized World Daily News24 - English

Drugs Case: The Narcotics Control Bureau has sent summons to the sister of actor Arjun Rampal in the Bollywood drugs case. This information has been given by the officer of NCB. It is believed that in this case, the difficulties of Arjun Rampal and his close ones may increase. Earlier, Arjun Rampal was questioned again on 21 December in this case. However, NCB said that they are not satisfied with Arjun’s responses. Along with this, Arjun’s girlfriend Gabriel has been questioned in the drugs case. With this, Gabriela’s brother has also been arrested.

Sister’s medicines were confiscated

The Mumbai unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau raided the house of actor Arjun Rampal during an investigation into the drugs connection and during this raid, NCB officials seized his dog’s pain medication and his sister’s ANXIETY. The NCB has been investigating the connection of drugs in Bollywood for several months and during this time Arjun Rampal was also noticed by the NCB, due to which Arjun Rampal was called twice to the NCB office and questioned.

Arjun Rampal’s statement

Arjun Rampal told NCB that out of the two types of tablets from his house, one of his tablets was that of his dog, which was received by an expert doctor of Veterinary and the other tablet which was received by his sister was A psychiatrist from Delhi had subscribed to the problem of his ANXIETY. In his statement, Arjun Rampal had also made it clear that the suspicion that he was summoned is actually baseless.

Girlfriend’s brother arrested

According to information received from NCB sources, after the arrest of Agisialos Demetriades, brother of Arjun Rampal’s girlfriend, when NCB investigated his mobile, some of his chats were with someone named Arjun. It is alleged that drugs were mentioned in those chats. Then, on November 9, the NCB team raided Arjun Rampal’s Bandra house, that is, Capri Heights.