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Rumi Jaffrey says in support of Riya Chakraborty – will return to Bollywood!



Rumi Jaffrey says in support of Riya Chakraborty - will return to Bollywood! World Daily News24 - English

Mumbai : The actress Name of Rhea Chakraborty Actor Sushant Singh Rajput The death Was in tremendous headlines after. Sushant’s family had made serious allegations against Riya and lodged an FIR.. Its Apart from NCB after interrogating them Arrest Had done. However, he was granted bail. At the same time, Rumi Jaffery, the well-known Bollywood direct director hope Riya Chakraborty Soon Only she will return to the big screen. She will leave the bitterness of her past behind. They have their latest The interview I have also said many more things about Riya.

It is being told that Rumi Jafri was preparing to make a film with Riya and Sushant in 2020.. On the other hand, if a mid-day report is accepted then Rumi Jaffrey hope Is that Riya will definitely return. Rumi his The interview I said- ‘I am sure that she will come out of this phase. your Around Everyone keeps advising you to be brave but In college Only those passing through that position know how difficult it is. Time is the biggest ointment, over time it will heal ‘.

Roomy to speak Riya is very talented The actress And will be ready to return soon ‘. Its Apart from He has also openly talked about the people who support Riya.. They said- ‘People Self This only The issues Took the lead in. Idealistic behaviour From us to the judiciary Decision Of Waiting Should have done. Every coin has two sides but Riya should have got a fair trial. I am the most more Honor those who supported him ‘. The meeting Rumi said about – ‘She was a little uprooted and silent. more He didn’t talk. I him Crime Can not give because she has gone through so many difficulties. Let the fire cool down a little, I believe it a lot to speak Will happen’.