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Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Ravan’ statement clarified by ‘Adipurush’ writer



Saif Ali Khan's 'Ravan' statement clarified by 'Adipurush' writer World Daily News24 - English

Mumbai : Bollywood The actor Saif Ali Khan in the film ‘Adipurush’ of Lankesh i.e. ‘Raavan’ Role To be seen in the film, Saif got caught in controversies even before the film came out. He glorified ‘Ravana’ and made such a statement that he came under target of the people, though he apologized for his statement.. Now this The issues The film’s writer Manoj Muntashir gave an explanation. They spoke Is that there is nothing in this film that makes people feel bad. He said, Saif Ali Khan has misunderstood something in it.

The writer of the film Manoj Muntashir recently spoke to a news portal. He told that every aspect of ‘Ravana’ will be shown in the film.. He will be portrayed as a flamboyant king who was also cruel and tragic.. They spoke That ‘Ravana’ believed that he was more than Rama The mighty Were.

Talking about Saif Ali Khan, he spoke That Saif’s role in the primitive Role From ‘ravan’ very much Matches. They spoke That Ravana has a black man Considered as, but in the film he will appear in all its colors. Manoj further spoke That Ravana believed that he was more than Rama The mighty Was and could never think why Sita could not fall in love with him. Saif did Ravan in the film The character About the writer, the writer-songwriter spoke That he is a thinking person The actor Are and The character To understand better questions Asks. Manoj also revealed that Saif’s height would be increased to eight or nine feet, using special effects to portray his larger-than-life life..

For your information let’s go That ‘Adipurush’ is a film made on Lord Ram, in which Saif’s Role From ravana very much Matches. Prosecutor spoke Is that one of his media gave on December 6 Interview In Actor has spoke It was that since the symptom had cut the nose of Ravana’s sister, Surpanakha, therefore Sita was killed by Ravana Kidnapping It is fair to do.