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Do not take antidepressants without thinking



Do not take antidepressants without thinking World Daily News24 - English

Do not take antidepressants without thinking World Daily News24 - English

Today when eight out of every ten man If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, antidepressant or tranquilizers are used to calm the mind. Effort Also increasing. Apparently, the use of these drugs is increasing wildly.. Judicious use of anxiety, depression, or stress mitigation drugs Health Can have many disadvantages. The tranquilizers depress the body’s central nervous system, while antidepressants alter our brain chemistry.. Mental Health Expert Doctor Max Pemberton says, “Both drugs are our feelings.” End And blunts the emotional reaction..

Consumption of these results in decreased sexual desire, energy loss, disconnection and even many times Suicide A situation like the trend of may also arise. Consumers of these medicines often feel lethargic.. Medical psychotherapist Doctor Any skilled and professional general physician or psychiatrist, says Richard Woolman Sick Carries out a full clinical diagnosis, examines its symptoms and then determines whether Sick Is really about chemical assistance medicine requirement Yes or No.

The doctor knows very well that once Sick After giving antidepressant to her Sick Have to be constantly monitored. Hot Book Damien Thompson, author of ‘The Fix’ Book In-depth analysis of our increasing dependence on mood-altering drugs. He says, ‘Some medicines ensure that certain sensations do not reach you.. In some cases it blurs the personality and man Start behaving on his own. Hence very Important That the antidepressant or tranquilizer is efficient and qualified doctor Be taken in limited doses under the supervision of.