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Do you know why spices are added to food?



Do you know why spices are added to food? World Daily News24 - English

Do you know why spices are added to food? World Daily News24 - English

Properties of Spices –

India is the only country where various types of spices are found, which are used in food.

Most people use spices in food to enhance the taste of food, but apart from enhancing the taste of food in these spices, there are many other natural properties hidden which help in digestion of food as well as our health and health. Huh. It is right too

Indian food, dishes and foods are mostly spicy and spicy, as Indians prefer spicy, sweet, sour, spicy and spicy foods.

But spices are used not only to enhance the taste of food, but also for many other reasons.

So let us know the properties of spices – what properties are found in spices.

Properties of Spices –


Turmeric Most people think that turmeric is used only for coloring, but it is not. Indian ancestors had knowledge of the properties of turmeric since ancient times. A natural element called curcumin is found inside turmeric, which acts as an antioxidant, which keeps the body healthy leaving many diseases and toxins inside the body. Turmeric has anti-carcinogen and anti-bacterial properties

Turmeric has medicinal properties, eliminates vegetable toxicity and also has immunity enhancing properties. Therefore, turmeric is used in every vegetable.


Salt is used not only to add flavor to food but also to supplement the amount of iodine in the body. In ancient times, salt was found to be rich in iodine. It was difficult to eat directly due to the high taste of salt. Therefore, salt was used in vegetable and food items.

Red chilly

Cayenne pepper has antioxidant, blood pressure control, and circulating ability, which helps prevent and prevent cholesterol. Along with this, it helps in burning the calories of the body. That is why red chillies are used in food because it is not possible to eat empty chilies.


Kaj is a type of stone that has a natural ability to digest food and cleanse the stomach. The hinge is not used in every meal because the hinge is a stimulant and has an acute quality. Hinge is mostly used in non-digestible substances or to prevent stomach upset.

Cumin seeds contain iron element. With this, cumin helps keep the body’s immune system correct. Also, it enhances the taste of food.


Fills the deficiency of oil in food and helps in digestion of food. Therefore, mustard is used as a spice.


Ginger makes the blood flow thinner and thinner in the body as well as maintains blood circulation. Apart from this, cholesterol and blood pressure are also controlled. Also, ginger helps to warm the body. Therefore, ginger is used as a spice in food.

Coriander leaves

Coriander leaves contain vitamins A, B- 16, C, K, calcium, potassium, manganese, iron and folates. It also has fiber and antioxidant properties, which is beneficial for the body. Coriander is also not eaten directly due to the strong smelling leaves, so it is used as a spice in mines.


Garlic kills the body’s bacteria. Garlic keeps tingling and high blood pressure, accelerates blood circulation, controls cholesterol, and increases body immunity. Garlic has many medicinal properties, it is used as a spice.


Cardamom contains vitamin C, iron, copper and riboflavin. It has fast digestion capacity. Cardamom is a natural antioxidant, which increases the body’s resistance and helps to keep the nerves calm. Eliminates the problem of bad breath and improves digestion.

These are the properties of spices –

Not every spice is used in every vegetable. According to the nature, quality and toxicity of the vegetable, spices are selected and added to the food.

The right use of the right spices is beneficial for health. The properties of spices are effective. Spices eliminate health problems. Chewing basil, raw garlic and ginger damages the enamel of the teeth. Therefore, drinking decoction of all these is beneficial. There is adulteration of spices powder found in the market, so its advantages and disadvantages are high.

Therefore, you can use standing spices or grind it in a grinder at home.