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Emotions affect our game too!



Emotions affect our game too! World Daily News24 - English

Emotions affect our game too! World Daily News24 - English

True, it is not said that anger hurts our work. And it has also been proven in one thing that anger can spoil our game too. While playing a video game, many emotions come to mind due to the game, that is, at that time there is emotional pressure. But if you are already angry or worrying and you are playing a video game, then whether it is your favorite game or how much you are expert in it, it will spoil your game. In a special way, the first people who had to do research, they were shown a video clip for emotional pressure before the research, so that people can get emotional pressure like happiness, anger and apathy etc. He was then allowed to play the popular football game Fifa 19 video game. And the performance in the game was compared based on their emotions. The study included 241 men between the ages of 18 and 37 years. He was asked to play 5 matches of the FIFA 19 game. And as he was shown videos of entertainment, sadness, anger and happiness before the match.

University researchers found that players who took a positive attitude in the game had better performance. Apart from all this, it was also found in the research that the participants who were more confident in their ability and were fully involved in the game physically had better performance and results than others.

Our state of mind determines what the outcome of our objective will be. Then whatever it may be from any field. The outcome of a task or plan depends more on what decision we are taking in an emotional situation. Anger can spoil the work we do.