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Follow these Ayurvedic tips to stop vomiting



Follow these Ayurvedic tips to stop vomiting World Daily News24 - English

Follow these Ayurvedic tips to stop vomiting World Daily News24 - English

There are many reasons for vomiting. From eating excess or contaminated food, disease, pregnancy, alcoholism, viral infections, abdominal infections, brain tumors, brain injuries, etc. The feeling of vomiting is known as nausea, but it is realized before the vomiting, not the cause. Often, the stomach has to face a lot of problems while vomiting. Because this causes a lot of exudation of the stomach contents through the mouth and nose with great enthusiasm on all the parts of the stomach, the process is known as vomiting. Know about 8 Ayurvedic methods to treat vomiting.

Carbonate syrup – A very good solution to stop vomiting is to consume one or two teaspoons of a carbonate-free syrup. It provides relief in digestion and stops vomiting. Such syrup contains carbohydrates which keep the stomach cool.

Ginger and its root – You can use 2 capsules of ginger or eat ginger tea. Ginger has the ability to increase digestive process fire, and it obstructs the unnecessary secretions from the stomach that irritate the esophagus, the secretions that cause vomiting.

Hard powder with honey – Licking 1 gram of myrobalan powder with honey also helps in preventing vomiting. Another effective treatment is to wash your fingers and insert them into your throat once and expel the accumulated substances in the stomach through vomiting, so that the vomit does not remain stored inside.

Cloves – You can put one or two cloves in your mouth, or you can also put cinnamon or cardamom instead of cloves. These spices act as anti-vomiting drugs and it is a very effective treatment to stop vomiting. Drinking up to 15-20 drops of seven celery, peppermint and camphor stops the vomiting immediately.

Lemon – Putting a slice of lemon in your mouth with black salt will not make you feel nauseous. If you have drunk and you do not want to vomit, then eat plain bread. The loaf handles your digestion and easily absorbs the alcohol you have consumed.
Do not consume solid food for 12 hours after vomiting, but keep plenty of water and fruit juices to keep yourself trapped (that is, to prevent dehydration). Whenever drinking water, keep it simple. Drink Do not consume cold carbon drinks available in the market at all, as it increases the irritation of your intestines and stomach.

cumin Cumin is also considered a natural treatment to stop vomiting. Consuming half a teaspoon of ground cumin will completely get rid of vomiting. Wheat germ is also a very good remedy for vomiting. Mixing 2 or 3 teaspoons of wheat germ milk every hour helps in the treatment of vomiting.

Rice – Treatment of vomiting with rice water is a very popular and proven treatment. Boil 1/2 cup rice in 1 or 1-1 / 2 cups of water. When the rice is cooked, take out the rice and consume that water. This vomiting will stop. Taking one spoon of onion juice at regular intervals also provides relief.

Honey – Drinking honey in a glass of water also helps in stopping vomiting. Peppermint is beneficial in normal vomiting. It is also beneficial by keeping it in the pan.