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How can birth control pills affect this part of women?



How can birth control pills affect this part of women? World Daily News24 - English

How can birth control pills affect this part of women? World Daily News24 - English

Often women take birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy. But let us tell you that women using contraceptive pills may have problems in seeing their faces and understanding their feelings. This claim has been made by German scientists in their latest research. Some of the side effects of these pills were already known, such as mood fluctuations, nausea, headaches and breasts, etc. Recent studies are focusing on the side effects of these pills on mental health.

Germany’s University of Greifswald conducted research on 95 healthy women between 18 and 35 years of age. The results have also appeared in the science journal Frontiers in Neuroscience. Researchers believe that these results will help in setting guidelines for future birth control pills.

Photo of faces shown to women
42 women involved in this research said that they take pills, while another 53 denied it. After this, these women were shown 37 black and white photos of people’s faces. These showed the area around the eyes. Each photo was accompanied by four labels that wrote the names of complex emotions such as “pride” and “hatred” and asked which of these sentiments accurately interpreted the related photos. Three of these labels were incorrect and only one was correct.

Then these women were asked to reveal the button attached to the label as quickly as possible. Research results showed that women who were taking birth control pills did not understand the sentiment shown in the photo better than women who did not take the pill.

Change comes at a very micro level
Doctor Alexander Lischke, who played an important role in this research, said, ‘This change has come to a very small level in these women. That’s why an experiment was conducted in which we could test women’s ability to recognize complex emotions. All the women involved in the research easily identified easy feelings but the women who took the pill had difficulty in understanding complex emotions.

Dr. Alexander said, “These pills affect women’s estrogen and progesterone hormones.” That is why they have problems recognizing complex emotions. But more research is needed in this direction so that the effect of all these factors can also be examined, to find out the type of pill, the duration of taking it and at what time of day.