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If you want to be seen in old age then follow these remedies



If you want to be seen in old age then follow these remedies World Daily News24 - English

If you want to be seen in old age then follow these remedies World Daily News24 - English

Growing old and appearing with grace has its own charm. Some women are seen beating them even in their old age, while many women appear to be more than their age. Although no one can avoid you from looking and looking, but this situation can be avoided for some time, know how ..

1. The first requirement in this direction is that you should adopt elasticized vests i.e. modern but comfortable dresses. You have to adopt casual and formal wear that give you a stylish look. When you sit, it does not show the buttocks over-stretched ‘as in jeans and tight suits. In addition, if you wear long kurta and designer leggings, then you will look more attractive.

2. It is important to change the makeup style like clothes. Your makeup can reveal the secret of your age. In the same way, the number of rings growing on the trunk of the tree determines its age. But instead of adopting the latest look, focus on old and tried beauty products. So it is better that you do the same makeup as you used to do fifteen years ago. That is, you will be seen to cut your age by 15 years, but make sure that all the products you use should be good.

3. Place a personal shopper: A good personal shopper knows your body type very well. Keep in mind what is in your closet. There should be no need to change the entire wardrobe. A good shopper remembers what you buy and charges a reduction in the prices of things that you bought, tried, but can’t find now. Sometimes even the smallest thing is able to tell a huge difference of age. 4

4. Stop old exercise, look healthy: It is known by all that with increasing age our digestive system also slows down and due to this, weight gain starts. Sometimes you cannot even do the exercises that you have been doing before. Knee hurts, feet start hurting and in such condition swimming is the best exercise. Similarly walking is also a good exercise and eat fresh air along with walking in the morning. At this time your biggest mantra should be to stop exercising, but do not let the weight gain too much. For this, do light exercise only.

5. Do not consider yourself old: We meet many women who are surrounded by depression thinking that they are not young. It depends more on how we feel, how we see ourselves. The happiest women of old age are those who live their whole lives, live active lives and keep themselves busy with their work. Remember that the older you are, the more you think of yourself. Our mind keeps us young. Doctors say that women are less prone to depression after they reach the age of menopause and that they spend their lives, work. Have a better idea about

6. Break up with salt: Salt has many names and it infiltrates our lives in many forms. When taken in excess this amount comes in the form of blood pressure. Our knees start swollen and pits form under the eyes. We also need salt in a certain amount. Those who are not very high should pay attention to their salt intake. The less salt you eat, the better you will feel and look smart.