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Know which diseases prove beneficial in which diseases



Know which diseases prove beneficial in which diseases World Daily News24 - English

Know which diseases prove beneficial in which diseases World Daily News24 - English
On getting sick, we find relief in the bitter gulp of medicines, but nature has given us sweet and tasty options. Fruits and vegetables are natural medicines that contain anti-bacterial elements. In these, your blood purifying properties and nutrients are found for the growth of micro fibers which are helpful in the prevention of any disease. Let’s know which fruit and vegetable juices will be appropriate according to your health status ……

1. Cough
Cough is very common in the winter months. Therefore, you should drink honey and lemon juice in a glass of warm water in the morning. Apart from this, you can also drink a glass of carrot juice by adding a little juice of basil and garlic.

2. Migraine
In a migraine you can drink lemon and ginger juice in a glass of water. You will get a lot of relief.

3. Fracture
If someone has been fractured, he should drink spinach, fenugreek, Charai and celery juice. Apart from this, drinking juice of guava and papaya is also beneficial.

4. Acidity
On the problem of acidity, you can drink cabbage and carrot juice or juice of mosquito and watermelon.

5. Sleepless
If you are complaining of sleeplessness then juice of spinach, apple and guava should be drunk.

6. Loss of appetite
Drinking lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning without feeling hungry is beneficial. Along with this, before eating, ginger paste should be prepared by adding rock salt.

7. Asthma problem
Asthma patient should drink garlic, ginger, basil, beet, cabbage and carrot juice. Apart from this, drinking pure goat milk is also good.

8. Jaundice
In case of jaundice, grape, apple, raspberry, mosquito juice should be drunk. You can also give dry water and kiss water to the patient.

8. Cancer
Giving wheat sorghum, carrot and grape juice to the cancer patient is beneficial.

10. High and Lae BP
Carrots, grapes, mosquitoes and sorghum juice should be drunk in high BP. Juice of sweet fruits should be taken in la-bp and sour fruits should not be consumed.