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Once you apply this thing on your face, then nail and acne will never come in life



Once you apply this thing on your face, then nail and acne will never come in life World Daily News24 - English

Friends, as everyone knows that nowadays, many people have problems with pimples and nail pimples and due to this their beauty starts to deteriorate. But friends, if your face is clean then your beauty increases and if you have nail pimples and pimples on your face, then even after not wanting, your face starts to look quite bad.

That is why in today’s special post, we are going to tell you about one thing, the use of which will never leave pimples, pimples, pimples on your face. As you all know that many girls and boys use different types of products to remove pimples on their face. They do not matter with these things. But today we are going to tell you such a tremendous recipe that if you apply it on your face once a year, then there will be no problem of nail pimples and rash on your face.

The recipe we are going to tell you is: To make this sandalwood recipe, you will need sandalwood powder and rose water. Both of these I will find many such qualities that cleanse all the dirt on your face. Such as nail, pimples, rash and even stains that are left after the rash, you can get rid of all these. And he will give sandalwood and rose water.

To make this recipe, you should take a little sandalwood powder and add a little rose water to it and mix it well by making a paste and then apply this paste on your face after drying it with clean water. Wash it This will make your face completely clear no matter how many stains and spots are acne, all of them will disappear completely.