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Ramdev Baba Kapalbhati removes about 100 diseases from the heel to the top by root.



Ramdev Baba Kapalbhati removes about 100 diseases from the heel to the top by root. World Daily News24 - English

Ramdev Baba Kapalbhati removes about 100 diseases from the heel to the top by root. World Daily News24 - English


Jaundice or liver patient and heart disease patient should not practice it. By doing this action, there is pressure and shock on the heart, which is harmful for the person. In summer, do it for 2 minutes with bile nature. You may experience back pain during this activity, but it will gradually go away.

Benefits in diseases from action:

This pranayama gives more spiritual benefit and increases the perception power in the mind. By performing this activity, headache, respiratory disease and mental tension are eliminated. This makes the mind calm, happy and stable and it destroys the bad thoughts from the mind, which gets rid of diseases like depression. Kapha is destroyed by this action. With this practice, purification of lung cells is done and lungs become strong and their diseases are cured. It cleanses the sushumna, the brain and enhances radiance, radiance, aura and beauty on the face. It cleans the stomach and increases digestive power, thereby eliminating intestinal weakness. It cures all stomach diseases and reduces obesity by reducing excess abdominal fat. It ends indigestion, bile enlargement, chronic mucus, worm etc. Apart from this, it cures blood disorders, rheumatoid arthritis disorder, skin diseases etc.

By doing this, asthma, breathing, allergies, diabetes, gas, constipation, acidity, kidney and prostate diseases all end. Practicing it in the winter season generates heat in the body. By this pranayama, the blockage in the veins of the heart is removed. With this pranayama, all the diseases of the throat like headache, insomnia, sleeplessness, hair loss and ripening, boils inside the nose and increased flesh, nostrils, colds, eye disorders, hearing loss, epilepsy etc. are removed.

The method of doing the practice of Kapalabhanti Pranayama in the Yoga book is described in 4 other ways – 1. Outer Pranayama 2. Vatakram Kriya 3. Inverse Kriya 4. Shekakram Kriya.

External Pranayama:

In this activity, sit in Siddhasana or Padmasana. Then release the breath with full force. After this, tilt your head forward and keep the chin in the throat and keep the shoulders upward and forward. Then do the moolbandha and after that put uddiyana bandha. Stay in this position until you can hold the breath out. When it is not possible to hold the breath, remove the three bonds and lift the head up and breathe slowly. Breathe out and exhale again and hold the three bandhas as before, stopping the breath outside. In this way, do this action 3 times and gradually increase its practice and practice it for 21 times.

Benefits in diseases:

With this pranayama, the lightness of the mind is removed and gastritis is illuminated. It cures all diseases of the stomach. This makes the intellect subtle and sharp. It eradicates semen by upward (upward), eliminates nightmares, premature ejaculation, metal formation etc. By doing Kapalabhati Pranayama, all the abdominal muscles are massaged. In the course of its initial practice, mild pain is experienced in the weak part of the stomach. One should take rest during pain and this pranayama should be done carefully to eliminate diseases.

Method of Evolution:

This action should be done sitting in Sukhasana. After sitting in Sukhasana, keep the eyes closed while straightening the body. Place the thumb of the right hand on the right side of the nose and all the other fingers on the left side. Then, by lightening the body, close the right nostril and draw breath from the left orifice and close the left hole and exhale through the right. Then breathe through the right hole and close the right hole and release the breath from the left. In this way, do this activity for 3 to 5 minutes. Here breathing and exhalation should be done normally. All the mucus related disorders and diseases are overcome by this practice.

Method of inverse verb:

In this activity, sit as before and keep the body taut. Keep a pot filled with water near you. Then pour the water in the anjuli and tilt the head lightly and pull the water from both the nostrils. This water will slowly enter the mouth through the nose. Take it out Practice this action carefully, as inadvertent water can cause more harm when it enters the brain. This action removes the mucus from the nasal passages and cavities and makes the nasal cavity clean and hygienic.

Shimkram Method:

In this activity also, keep the sitting posture as before and suck the water in the mouth with the sound of mouth. Then sneak the water out of the nose with the sound of nasal sneezing. This practice enhances the body’s immunity and eliminates all mucus related problems.


These 4 methods are extremely difficult. Therefore, practice it carefully and under the supervision of a yoga teacher. There should be plenty of oxygen in the lungs to combat the sudden trouble encountered while practicing Kapalbhati Pranayama by wet method. So that if the water moves in the air while pulling in, then it can be removed easily.

special :

The ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ method of Kapalbhanti purifies the brain pleas. This practice enhances the ability to prevent diseases. Drought or Vayu Pranayama forms the basis of the practices of Pranayama. It cleanses the pulse and makes the whole body pure.