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This way the body will remain fit in winter



This way the body will remain fit in winter World Daily News24 - English

new Delhi: The winter season has arrived. This season is considered to be the best for making health because it causes a lot of hunger. Along with this, due to cold wave, one needs to take special care of his health. In this season, due to lack of heat from inside the body, the complaint like cold and cold increases. By eating this type of food in winter, you can avoid small problems caused in this season. They also keep the body warm.


Consuming sesame seeds with jaggery rich in antioxidant and iron properties is very beneficial in winter. Apart from this, you can also take tilpatti made from it.

Gum ladoos

Make laddus by mixing gum, wheat flour, sugar, ghee, melon seeds, almonds, and cardamom in a bowl. Eating 1 laddus daily will keep your body warm even in this season.

Orange, Carrot, Guava

Consumption of these fruits rich in vitamins A and C increases your immune system in winter. Apart from this, these fruits are also very good for eyes and skin.

Flaxseed seeds

In it, make a mixture of powdered jaggery, crush nuts, melon seeds and pumpkin seeds. Eating it daily will remove many health problems along with cold-phlegm.


Daily consumption of chikki made of peanuts and jaggery is very beneficial in winter. The nutrients present in it keep the body warm even in winter.

Cinnamon cookies

Prepare cookies by mixing sugar, flour, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, butter, eggs, and vanilla essences. By eating one cookie daily, you will get energy from the body, along with it many health problems will also be overcome.

Roasted nuts

Roast nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, which are rich in vitamin E, and eat every day, give glow to the skin and remove many health problems.


Roast the makhanas in olive or coconut oil and sprinkle a little chilli flakes and origano over them. Consuming it in the morning in winter gives the body energy throughout the day.