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Wet loss surgeries increased in the UK by taking advantage of Work from Home and mask surgery increased in South Korea



Wet loss surgeries increased in the UK by taking advantage of Work from Home and mask surgery increased in South Korea World Daily News24 - English

Wet loss surgeries increased in the UK by taking advantage of Work from Home and mask surgery increased in South Korea World Daily News24 - English

COVID-19 In time The whole world Many people called the disaster opportunity Changed to. People from Bangalore to the UK work from home and mask Benefit Picking up Self Undergoing surgery to improve.

In the UK, people are undergoing surgeries like liposuction to reduce stomach. It has two advantages. First, them Apart from Not taking vacations and recovering from work from home. Second, they can also hide surgery from colleagues. The clinics claim that 500 are in demand for some surgeries to be performed here. Percent Has leapt.

Advance booking for next 9 months

Council of the British Association of Esthetic Plastic Surgeons Member According to Dan Marsh, all his slots for the next nine months are booked. According to Paul Mall cosmetics, inquiries about liposuction have doubled compared to before lockdown.. Abdominal Inquiry 40 Percent Has risen. Men undergoing chest fat removal surgery. Demand for it 115 Percent Has risen. Inquire about breast reduction 520 Percent , So breast augmentation about 110 Percent Has risen.

On the other hand, the trend of nose surgery among women has increased during the epidemic in South Korea.. The reason, she believes that this The year If the vaccine is in place, the mask will come off. So now surgery Beneficial So that the nose marks are hidden under the mask. You know, South Korea is the global capital of cosmetic surgery spoke goes.

First one in india Week Three surgeries
India Is not even untouched by this. Of private hospital in bangalore Doctor Veppalapati’s accordingly Until december we have a Week I underwent three surgeries. Three surgeries are performed daily after 1 January. Hair transplant, rhinoplasty, body sculpting, fat reduction as well as Botox, filler and facial makeovers are also in high demand.

Before taking surgery, also understand their risk

Rhinoplasty: To make the nose beautiful

For the beauty of the nose, use this cosmetic surgery to nose Fine Is used to shape. Rhinoplasty is usually done in case of a large proportion of the face, with the nose appearing large, flattened or the nostrils enlarged.. This surgery may take 3-4 hours. For a day or two if it takes longer Hospital May have to wait. Expert 20 The year Of Age Recommend only after. It costs around 1.5 to 2.5 lakh rupees.

Caution: Avoid sunlight and rest for at least 4 hours. Keep your head up and your nose at bedtime place Breathe through the mouth, its Apart from Talk less and avoid heavy stuff. The surgeon talks carefully Pursuance Do the.

Risk: Surgery four Week After this the condition becomes normal but in some cases the swelling in the nose End in being more May take time. Surgery scars may occur and bleeding may occur..

Liposuction: reduce fat in specific parts of the body

They reduce the fat of certain parts of the body, some parts of the body like the hands, thighs, waist, excess fat gets deposited.. Many times these surgeries are performed to remove excess bulge on the chest of boys.. Body key more The figure is moved to a better shape. It costs 1.50 to two lakhs.

Caution: Relax and avoid excessive movement. Few days with medical advice Practice Do not let water fall short. Wear a pressure garment for 6-7 days so that the body can come in shape.

Risk: Swelling in the body End It may take one and a half months. Skin May hang and risk bleeding. Pain may also remain.

Facelift: to remove facial wrinkles

In order to look beautiful by removing facial wrinkles, this surgery is used to remove facial wrinkles.. For this, wrinkles are removed on the skin of the face.. This surgery takes 2-3 hours. 8-10 The year Up to effect lives. Of this surgery help Tightens hanging skin near the eyes, chin, or mouth. This surgery takes 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees.

Caution: Any after surgery Work Don’t bend over. Avoid lifting heavy weights as it also causes strain on the face.. Take care while sneezing and don’t workout for a few days.

Risk: Swelling may occur on the face. In some cases there is a risk of bleeding or infection. May also cause pain.

Blepharoplasty: To give eyebrows an arc shape

This surgery for arch shape eyebrows is mostly used by women.. The eyebrows hanging in it are brought up in shape so that you look young.. Its Apart from Hanging skin too Corrected goes. It costs from 70 thousand to 1 lakh rupees..

Caution: Do not touch or rub the part of surgery. By the sun Self And do not put lenses for at least two weeks.

Risk: Sunlight can be sensitive. Its Apart from Eyes can be dry.

Breast enhancement: to shape the breast

Breast augmentation or boob job Also says. Tighten and enlarge the breast in it Fine Is shaped. This surgery is done in many ways. in this Different Types of implants such as silicon or saline breast implants or fat are used.. It takes 2-3 hours and costs up to 1-2 lakh rupees..

Caution: It is forbidden to lift heavy weights for two months.. Its Apart from To surgery near It is recommended to wear a sports bra to make. Some medicines are given to prevent pain and infection.. Get medical advice on swelling.

Risk: There is a risk of lumps in the breast, you can find out by doing a test. In some cases this surgery may need to be repeated in 2-3 months.. Breast pain may occur or there is a risk of implants leaking.