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Why do women’s hips get bigger after marriage? 5 reasons behind this



Why do women's hips get bigger after marriage?  5 reasons behind this World Daily News24 - English

Why do women's hips get bigger after marriage?  5 reasons behind this World Daily News24 - English

A survey was conducted and it included about 150 women aged 18 to 25 years. And this survey found that there is a big difference in the waist size of girls and women. But unmarried women develop less waist. This time it became clear why the married woman’s waist is widening. The reasons given are as follows.

1 married life: – Girls get more busy in their lives after marriage. Due to which they forget to pay attention to their body after marriage. Girls also do exercise and yoga to keep themselves slim before marriage. They avoid outside mines. Because they are concerned with maintaining their anatomy.

But when Mu-li gets married, she forgets to pay attention to these things. They cannot even give so much time. Because they have left Maihar and moved to Sasari. Not exercising on time and eating outside becomes their routine. Due to which their body shape changes.

2 hormones: After marriage, girls try their best to keep their partner happy. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the husband. In relation to their supernatural intelligence, hormones in the girl’s body also change. This causes the development of snails on the girl’s body.

3 stress: – As long as the girls are prostitutes, they are not stressed. When a girl moves into a new house after marriage, she has little difficulty in keeping pace with the people there. In such a situation, the girl neglects her health to mold herself to others. As a result, his body weight starts increasing and so does his waist.

4 getting pregnant: – Most girls desire to have children soon after marriage. Girls want to have children after marriage. After the husband’s consent, the wife is able to conceive. In such a situation, the diet of girls increases after pregnancy. So that she can give birth to her baby safely. Which increases their weight. And the flesh cells in the body start growing.

5 social pressure: – Before marriage every girl thinks that she should always look beautiful. So that he can find a good partner. Nowadays, personality plays an important role in making progress in life, so there is social pressure on a girl to take care of herself and make her body attractive.

But when the girl gets married, the pressure is negligible. This is the reason why women become careless about their fitness. And as their weight increases, so does their waist.