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Kapil was famous in the name of Haryana Hurricane, Pakistan batsman was scared in the first match



Kapil was famous in the name of Haryana Hurricane, Pakistan batsman was scared in the first match World Daily News24 - English

new Delhi : East won Indian team’s first World Cup Captain Kapil Dev (Kapil Dev) was born on this day on 6 January 1959 in Chandigarh.. India In the name of Kapil Dev Haryana Hurricane, who has given prestige to fast bowling. famous Were. One of the successful all-rounders in the world, Kapil bowled Apart from In batting too many records have been named. Its Apart from Under his captaincy, the Indian team also won the World Cup title for the first time in 1983..

Because of this, fast bowlers became
When Kapil 15 The year If he were, he was sent to a training camp in Mumbai. The camp India Was engaged to train the rising cricket stars of. On the first day they got two rotis and a dry vegetable. Seeing this, Kapil refused to eat. After this he reached the room of camp manager KK Tarapur. Kapil from Tarapur spoke That their food Work will not work. Tarapur laughs loudly saying That you came one day already, you Complex Started to become a union and also became its leader. what? Tell me Trouble is. Kapil Dev spoke Sir, I am a fast bowler and mine with two rotis Work will not work. Tarapur on this spoke That you will get more bread but understand one thing India 40 in The year No fast bowler is born in. Kapil had tears in his eyes and at the same time he decided that he India Will become the fastest bowler.

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For the first time, the opposing batsman has worn a helmet
Before Kapil Dev, no batsman of any opposing team used to wear helmet in front of Indian bowlers.. Kapil Dev on 16 October 1978 Clean Of Against Made his debut in Faisalabad test. When Kapil was bowling the second over, one of his balls came off the nose of Sadiq Mohammad.. Sadiq got nervous with this ball of Kapil and he stopped the game and called for the helmet. After this, Kapil’s next ball hit Sadiq’s helmet and went for four runs behind the wicket.. like this India Gets first fast bowler.

Kapil Dev’s career
Your 16 The year Dev’s career took 434 wickets in 134 Tests. Also scored 5248 runs with 8 centuries. He is the only player to take 400 wickets and score 5000 runs.. Its Apart from In his Test career he In college Bowled no ball 20 times. Kapil Dev to run fast between wickets famous Were. He has never run out in 184 Test innings..

Kapil Dev India Has played a total of 225 ODIs and has taken 253 wickets at an average of 27.45.. In batting, he scored 95.07 The strike 3783 runs scored. Kapil Dev was the first to take 200 wickets in ODI cricket..