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Kyle Jamieson hits 5-5 wickets in both innings, equals Daniel Vettori



Kyle Jamieson hits 5-5 wickets in both innings, equals Daniel Vettori World Daily News24 - English

new Delhi : New Zealand and Clean (New Zealand vs Pakistan) In the second Test match being played in Christchurch, the Kiwi team used both bat and ball very nice Performing has strengthened its grip on the match. Captain Kane Williamson’s double century, Henry Nicholls and Daryl Mitchell, scored big on the centuries.. At the same time, 6 foot 8 inch long New Zealand fast bowler Kyle Jamieson has impressed everyone with his bowling among the batsmen..

Kyle Jamieson has taken six wickets so far in the second innings after taking five wickets in the first innings.. Jameson equaled Daniel Vettori’s record as he took five wickets in the second innings..

Jameson equals Daniel Vettori
After Daniel Vettori, Kyle Jameson has become the New Zealand bowler who has taken 5 wickets in both innings of a Test match.. Vettori of Bangladesh in Chattgaon in 2004 Against Did it. Now Jamieson Clean Of Against Have done this feat.
This feat was done after Jack Crow
With this, Jameson is the second New Zealand player to have taken 5 wickets in the first three series in Test cricket.. Before Jamieson, this record was recorded in the name of Jack Crow.

Kyle Jamieson took 11 wickets in both innings
Let us know that Kyle Jameson took 5 wickets in the first innings of the second match for 69 runs in 21 overs.. Jameson threw 8 overs maiden during this. His economy was 3.29.. At the same time, he has thrown 20 overs in the second innings so far.. During this time he has taken 6 wickets for 48 runs.. In the second innings, he threw 6 overs maiden and his economy was 2.40..

Ian Bishop Kyle Jameson appreciation Tweeted, “Kyle Jameson in his first international cricket year In the same very nice are doing. Amazing skills and a big heart.

New Zealand did this feat for the third time
New Zealand in this match Captain Kane Williamson scored 238 runs very nice Have played. At the same time, Kyle Jameson has taken 11 wickets for 117 runs.. This is the first home Test match for New Zealand, where their personal Had a double century as well as a bowler by 10 wickets more Are for. This is the third chance oval all. New Zealand has done this before in Chattgaon in 2004 and Sharjah in 2014..