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National policy will be made for Aero-Sports



National policy will be made for Aero-Sports World Daily News24 - English

New Delhi : A National Aero-Sports Policy (NASP) will be formulated to promote and develop infrastructure related to Aero-Sports in the country.

The government has formed a six-member committee to draft NASP 2021. Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, has been appointed as the chairman of the committee. It will have one representative each at the level of Joint Secretary / Director, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Also, Bir Singh Rai, Joint Director General of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the regulatory body for aviation activities, has also been appointed as a member of the committee. It will have one representative from Aero Club of India and one from Aero-Sports Industry.
Aero sports such as para gliding, para motoring, hand gliding, ballooning and sky diving are popular in the country, but are currently limited in popularity. Also, due to lack of infrastructure for them, these expensive sports are also counted in adventure sports.

The order of the Ministry of Civil Aviation states that the committee will prepare the draft “as soon as possible” and submit its report. With the promotion of Aero-sports due to the formulation of national policy, tourism will increase and new opportunities for employment and investment will be created. Regulation of these games is also necessary in view of national security and safety.