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Teams must submit a list of the Retained Players by January 20; This time also tournament can be held in UAE



Teams must submit a list of the Retained Players by January 20;  This time also tournament can be held in UAE World Daily News24 - English

Teams must submit a list of the Retained Players by January 20;  This time also tournament can be held in UAE World Daily News24 - English

The final of IPL 2020 was won by Mumbai Indians. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Jai Shah handing over the trophy to Captain Rohit Sharma.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 auction may go on February 11. The IPL Governing Council has asked all 8 franchises to submit a list of the Retained Players by 20 January. The council spoke on Monday through a virtual meeting.

According to cricket website ESPN Cricinfo, there may be a mini auction this time. The trading window has also been opened in the meeting. The tournament date and venue have not been decided yet. India is the first choice for the IPL, but looking at Corona, it can also be held once again in the UAE.

It can be difficult to get matches on home-away basis
Brijesh Patel and Pragyan Ojha, who were in the three-member IPL governing panel, also discussed the venue, but no decision could be taken yet. IPL in India means that all teams have to match on a home-away (home ground and outside) basis. That is, there will be 8 Venues for a total of 8 teams.

It can also be difficult to keep players ready by preparing bio-bubble at 8 places in the coronary. In such a situation, BCCI has to take a decision on this also. Also, a decision has to be taken to reduce the distance between the 2 stadiums, so that players have to cover less distance in the coronas. Earlier, the 13th season was successfully hosted in the UAE.

What is the IPL auction process?
There are 2 types of auctions in IPL – Mega and Mini. In both the auctions, the players in the final list will be divided according to capped, uncapped and overseas (foreign). Also, according to their role, batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers and all-rounders will be placed in different groups. The batsmen will first bid and the auctioneer will call the base price of the player. Franchises will then pick up the pedals and start bidding. This will increase if more than one team bids on the player.

Ultimately, the player who has made the biggest bid will become the player. Such a player will enter the ‘Sold’ category and the auction will end. The player will not sell if any franchisee does not bid for him or the auctioneer faces an impasse in the process.

How many players will be maximum and minimum in a team?
All franchises can have maximum 25 and minimum 18 players in their team. Any team can have a maximum of 8 foreign players.

Will unsold players sell?
Unsold players will sell only if the franchise wishes to buy them again. It will be in the final stages of the auction.

What is Mega Auction?
The last mega auction took place in 2018, as Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals came back into the league after facing a 2-year ban. In this mega auction, 8 teams bid for 182 slots to select 578 players from 13 countries.

  • The mega auction permits the franchise to retain a maximum of 5 players. All other players participate in the auction. Any franchisee can buy them at auction. Teams are formed afresh in this.
  • The franchise can retain 3 players in the opening round and 2 players with the Right to Match card during the auction.
  • The 3 players retained by the franchise can also have 2 foreign players.
  • Apart from this, the franchise can also use the Right to Match card to bring players involved in the previous squad. All franchises have 2 Right to Match cards.
  • If 2 out of 3 Written players are foreigners in the opening round, then the franchise cannot add any foreign players to the squad with the Right to Match card. If 1 out of 3 retainer players is foreign, then franchise can add 1 foreign player to the team with the Right to Match card.

What is mini auction?
The mini auction took place in the previous year ie 2020. In which 8 teams bid to select 332 players on 73 slots. Out of this, only 62 foreign players, including 29 foreign players and 33 players from India, were bought.

  • In the mini auction, the franchisees have to bid to fill the gap left in the team. In this, the franchise can retain as many players as possible. Everyone else will be put in the trade window except for the retainers.
  • Franchisees have to submit the list of Retired Players from their respective squads and the list of withdrawn players to the IPL Governing Council within a stipulated time.
  • The franchise buys new players by combining the rupees from the players’ salary cap and the money added by the IPL.
  • Franchisees have to buy players keeping in mind the full strength of the squad.

Mumbai and Delhi franchises benefit
Most teams expected mega auction before IPL 2021, so they did not make major changes to the squad in the 13th season auction. Franchises like Delhi and Mumbai may benefit the most from the mini auction, as they have better players and better options to retain. At the same time, the Chennai franchise will suffer the most. The Chennai team finished at number 7 last season.

Weak batting in the 13th season became the main reason for CSK’s failure. In the absence of Suresh Raina, Shane Watson and Ambati Rayudu failed to perform consistently. The absence of a mega auction means that the CSK team will not be able to release players battling poor form in the squad.

There is also suspense about Raina playing in the next season, as his contract ended with the 13th season. Through the mega auction, CSK team management could explore all these players’ options, but now such a possibility is not seen.

Which franchisees currently have how many rupees?
Like every time, 3 crore rupees will be added to the auction purse of all franchisees in this IPL. There is currently only 0.15 crore left in the purse of Chennai. At the same time, Kings XI Punjab has the highest in the purse of Rs 16.5 crore.

Team How much rupees currently in purse
Kings xi punjab 16.5 crores
Rajasthan Royals 14.75 crores
Sunrisers Hyderabad 10.1 Crore Rupees
Delhi capitals 9 crores rupees
Kolkata Knight Riders 8.5 crores
Royal Challengers Bangalore 6.4 crores
Mumbai Indians 1.95 Crore Rupees
Chennai Super Kings 0.15 Crore Rupees