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Whatsapp update: changes not accepted till 8 February, then WhatsApp account will be closed



Whatsapp update: changes not accepted till 8 February, then WhatsApp account will be closed World Daily News24 - English

Whatsapp update: changes not accepted till 8 February, then WhatsApp account will be closed

Whatsapp (Photo Credits: Pexels)

New Delhi, 6 January: Crores of Indian users have received a notification from WhatsApp, asking them to accept the changes in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Failure to do so by 8 February will remove the user’s account. Not much details of the app notification have been found, but clicking on the link, it has been reported that changes have been made to forward and process the information of WhatsApp users with the parent company Facebook.

The updated policy states, “When you install or use our services, WhatsApp has to collect some information about operating, providing, improving, understanding, customizing, supporting and marketing our services. Businesses using our services and interacting with each other need to share their information with us. “

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These new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of WhatsApp will be applicable from 8 February. The mobile messaging platform said it works with third-party service providers and other Facebook companies to help operate, make available, improve, understand, customize, support and marketing their services. It further states, “These companies can provide us with information about you under certain circumstances. For example, the App Store can provide reports to help us understand and fix service problems.”

Let us know that in October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company is working hard to merge Messenger chat, Instagram and WhatsApp. So that they can start working like interconnected systems connected in a way. Zuckerberg told analysts, “There is more work to be done here. We definitely want to bring WhatsApp to that interoperability. Also there are more features that we want to add to Messenger, Instagram interoperability as well.”

In its new policy, WhatsApp has said that ‘If you use our services with such third-party services or Facebook company products, then we can ask you about them. For example, if you use the WhatsApp share button on the news service, share it with your WhatsApp contacts, groups or broadcast list, if you choose to use our services through the promotion of mobile carriers or device providers. “

Also, as part of WhatsApp Facebook companies can also give you suggestions about friends, groups, content etc. You can do things like shopping, showing related offers, showing advertisements for products of Facebook companies. For example, it allows you to connect your Facebook Pay account to pay for things on WhatsApp. Also, by connecting the new WhatsApp account allows you to chat with your friends on other Facebook company products like portal.

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